• Name: Rruka
  • First Name: Veton
  • Age: 40
  • Marital status: married
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Place: Prizren
  • Country: Kosova

I am 40 years old, male, married with two children. I was born in Prizren, Kosovo, and I am a Muslim. The city of Prizren has a population of around 178,000 (2011 census preliminary results), mostly Albanians. Prizren is located on the slopes of the Šhar Mountains in the southern part of the Republic of Kosovo. The municipality has a border with Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. I am currently working as a National Program Officer at the Caritas Switzerland Mission in Kosovo, and as a project leader for minority integration and regional development projects. Previous experience: Regional coordinator in the project ‘Sustainable Partnership for Assistance to Minority Returns to Kosovo’ with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP); regional training coordinator with the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).